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Technique Classes

A dance class should always be difficult and uncomfortable without taking into account your technical level or how much experience you already have.

Otherwise what would be the point of that?

You would never go to Harvard if you were already a lawyer.

You would never go to high school if you were already a doctor.

Dancers / Dancers sometimes walk into classes as if they know more than the teacher or with a barrier that takes all the time in a class to break up.

Dancers must enter dance classes and surrender with all their body consciousness and ideas that they already bring from themselves in order to embed the teacher's perspective.

When you walk into a classroom you shouldn't think ′′ Will I get noticed?"

You must be open and ready to listen and learn.

I hear from students all the time that they wouldn't take such a class because ′′ it's too hard ", ′′ it's too fast ", ′′ I don't like that style ′′ ′′ I can't do that "...

That's the exact sense of a class - learning how to do something you don't know how to do or feel uncomfortable doing.

It's the only way to be better at something.

Keep learning.

Keep practicing.

Keep exercising.

Keep growing.

Risk is always paid in rewards."

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