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NCWD has emerged to ensure that ALL South African Dancers, enjoy equal opportunities in the development and promotion of Country Western Line & Couple Dancing on a National & Inter-national level. The association’s main objectives are to advance dance as a performing art and sport and to provide a non-political and democratic environment to all dancers. We would all love to see dancers and adjudicators from all organizations join NCWD. It would be our pleasure to see dancers stand up for their rights and dance or judge wherever they wish.


We believe that the freedom to dance cannot be restricted by any association rules within the Country & Western Couple Dancing. Pro-Am Competitions are an exciting new concept with a growing interest in all partnership dance styles. Freedom to dance is based on fairness, integrity and principle. When force is needed to prevent people from dancing, their human rights are violated.


NCWD creates, revises and administers the use of a set of dance rules, scoring formats, contest procedures and rating systems applicable to UCWDC (United Country Western Dance Council) rules & requirements.


NCWD is committed to inspire, educate, and develop a positive environment for people throughout South Africa to improve their lives through dance.

It's our mission to preserve and promote  Country Western Couple Dancing and Line Dancing as fun and healthful pursuits, social activity, art form and competitive sport and to enjoy the journey along the way.


We believe each dancer has the ability to increase her/his physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being through dance.


NCWD is dedicated to all studio families to ensure you are kept well-informed of the progress of each dancer. We believe in open communication and encouragement across cultures and that dance is essential to a healthy society, demonstrating the infinite possibilities for human expression and potential.


By providing national leadership and services, NCWD enhances the infrastructure for dance creation and distribution, education and dissemination of information.

NCWD will lead the professional dance industry by providing value to a strong, diverse membership base and encouraging the membership to be responsive to current economic, demographic and participation realities.


  • NCWD will be accessible to all dance groups through membership and will embrace strategic partnership on a local, national and international level to increase visibility, relevance and impact.

  • NCWD will create value for members through strong core services of convening, advocacy and research that have a national focus and frequently evaluated.

  • NCWD will offer tangible benefits to the membership based on timely needs.

  • NCWD will be known as the national voice for professional country & western dance in South Africa within and across the industry, the media and among international dance service organizations.

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