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Ever notice how people who make movement an important part of their lives tend to be happier, or more content? First and foremost, movement of any kind, tennis, basketball, running, biking, yoga and bowling all produce “feel better” endorphins that course through our bloodstreams long after we’ve stopped moving.


Moving is the cheapest feel better drug there is and the only “fountain of youth” ever discovered to date. It improves heart health, circulation and resilience. Healthier people tend to be happier people because they experience fewer of the physical issues that cause stress and frustration. In addition, their bodies are better at fighting off potential health risks too.

Engaging in a physical activity like country dancing creates a greater sense of self-esteem. Remember when you were a kid and you yelled at your parents to watch you jump off the high dive. Even if they didn’t see it, you felt a strong sense of self-pride knowing you’d accomplished something big!

Accomplishment is a great self-esteem booster. Our bodies are geared to ramp up when we ask them to, so even if you feel a bit behind in the beginning, you will soon be seeing noticeable gains in a short time which makes you feel good about you!


Doing is more fulfilling than watching.

Because I am a dancer, people always assume I enjoy the reality show, “Come Dancing.” They are usually surprised when I confess, I don’t even watch it, sometimes. I don’t need to watch it. I live that reality every day, probably more so than most of the “celebrity dancers” standing in front of the cameras acting it out.

When people watch television shows depicting things, they would like to do themselves, but never do, it creates a self-defeating feeling of “I can’t …” They’ve adopted an excuse rather than a lifestyle that could be fulfilling on many levels, if only they would try. An active body gets special care. Taking up a physical activity that you enjoy makes you want to take better care of yourself so you can keep doing it longer. I doubt if I would exercise near as much if I didn’t have to keep my body in tip top shape for dancing.

Living a healthy lifestyle by taking up dancing.

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