NCWD has emerged to ensure that ALL South African Dancers, enjoy equal opportunities in the development and promotion of Country Couple Dancing & Line Dancing

(NCWD- National Country Western Dancers – South Africa) run by the CEO Theo Williams, recently hosted a development workshop in Pretoria by having invited Alison Booysen, A South African and Gauteng Champion in Line dance, Solo Latin and Solo Salsa, as well as Spanish Online Line dance champion, Internationally accredited with the IDTA of Great Britain, accompanied by her professional Dance partner, Leon Wessels.

One of their greatest aspirations is to give back to dance by ensuring the growth and development of dance across all genres by providing training, workshops and individual attention to all dancers who need it.

With his 35 years experience, Theo Williams and his wife saw the need to keep pushing forward finding that their goals as a driving force in development within the industry, requires outside knowledge, guidance and influence.

This was the deciding factor to invite Alison Booysen and Leon Wessels to Theo’s Studio (RSDCI) to kick off the process of welcoming new techniques and industry leading knowledge to their competitive genres within their studio and South Africa, thus beginning a new era of sharing information within the Line Dancing, Country Couple Dancing & Ballroom/Latin field.

Alison Booysen and Leon Wessels – the owners of Rhythm & Beat Dancesport club, regularly invite internationally acclaimed professionals as well as local dancesport legends to lecture as well in order to gain the knowledge and understanding of dance that all dancers need to further their careers as dancesport professionals.

“Together we can make a difference for all dancers” – Alison

“We opened up doors to a new era of helping each other and learning from each other. Hopefully the knowledge will continue to filter through the ranks of divisions and age groups across all genres to improve the future of dancesport in South Africa. “

Lecture topics covered over the dance camp held 12/13 June 2021 were, Musicality and rhythm, Arms and their relationship to the body and Head and lastly Foot and leg actions and commitment of weight, all incorporating the base principal of musical interpretation and basic musical theory.

With her 20 years of insight and knowledge, Alison (34) guided the class in understanding that every piece of music, although totally different in character and genre, have the same base principal counting structures and by understanding the various structures, you have automatically gained control of any further action or movement you might decide to do in that moment. “The biggest question I receive daily from students is ‘what do I do with my arms?’ and with that question in mind the class was lead into ballet inspired arms techniques and shapes to better understand the connection of the arms to the body and again their constant connection to the music. The Workshop then concluded with a lecture on commitment of weight from foot to foot and the leg action required to do so, ensuring a clear understanding of which foot you are on at all times and at what time you are on that foot in the musical realm.

With the assistance of Leon, as Alison proceeded through the lectures, time was allocated to walk around and correct posture, shapes etc amongst the dancers themselves as Theo Williams (Owner of RSDCI & CEO of NCWD) concluded with enforcing that spirit within each of us to continue to search for information so that all dancers and studios can learn from one another in an environment that is comfortable and confidence building for all. Success is for everyone. Trust in yourself.

NCWD in assistance of Alison Booysen are the process to development more workshops and videos, as we believe that each dancer has the ability to increase her/his physical, emotional and intellectual well-being through dance. NCWD will also launch soon, various exams for dancers to become qualified teachers in the genres.

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