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ProAm & Couple Syllabus Division


Beginner Level 1 - ECS (South Africa Only)

Beginner Level 2 - TS.CC.WCS (South Africa Only)


Syllabus A        TS.W.CC.WCS.ECS.P.NC.T2

Syllabus B        TS.W.CC.WCS.ECS.P.NC.T2

Syllabus C        TS.W.CC.WCS.ECS.P.NC.T2

Syllabus D        TS.W.CC.WCS.ECS.P.NC.T2


ProAm & Classic Couple Division


  Newcomer/Classic               TS.W.CC.WCS.ECS.P.NC.T2

                  Novice/Classic III                TS.W.CC.WCS.ECS.P.NC.T2              

                    Intermediate/Classic II          TS.W.CC.WCS.ECS.P.NC.T2                  

                 Advance/Classic I               TS.W.CC.WCS.ECS.P.NC.T2            



TS – Two Step

W – Waltz

P – Polka

T2 – Triple Two

NC – Night Club

CC – Cha-Cha

WCS – West Coast Swing

ECS – East Coast Swing

Instructional videos for the SYLLABUS DIVISION are available through – Country-Western DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association) under a subscription
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